Tomek Sysak

Digital Engineering: The Price of 3D Printing

With customer-facing pricing tools, “one of the biggest benefits is being able to discover and browse your options,” says Tomek Sysak, communications manager at 3Dprintler. Sysak explains that the pricing tools are a good way for beginners to explore some of the base offerings from multiple 3D printing service bureaus and manufacturers. For more experienced users, say those who already own desktop systems, “they [sometimes] don’t realize the material options are much wider than the ones that are available at home,” he says.

Source turns to European angel for almost $1 million in funding

An Ottawa-based search engine for the 3D printing industry has turned to a European angel investor for almost $1 million in funding.

© staff at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas’s Tomek Sysak said there are “some limits” on what they can say about the investment announced this week.

“It’s high six figures and not all of it at once,” Mr. Sysak said.

Initially, he said, has access to 25 per cent of the funding that will be used to integrate more service providers to its platform, allowing it to offer the best quotes possible for its clients.

“Moving forward, we have some benchmarks we have to reach and then we get more,” Mr. Sysak said.


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